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44 Years of Hip Hop

It’s the 44th Anniversary of Hip Hop and we’re excited that the culture has outlasted the doubters that used to say, rap music won’t last, break dancing is a fad and graffiti is a crime. Here’s to all the suckaz who used to say scratching and spinning records with your hands was wrong. What did the naysayers know??? NOTHING! Today marks hip hop culture surviving the on-going cultural attack from outside corporate forces to turn it into an exploitative mind control mechanism that render profits for them, and complete anarchy in the community. Hip Hop was a social order born out of anarchy and chaos on the streets of Bronx, NY in the 1970’s. Hip Hop gave the kids of the generations that grew up in it, self-determination, knowledge of self and an undying pride for our communities no matter if it was impoverished or not. Hip hop did for the youth, what the black power movement stopped doing do to intervention by the powers that be.

As a bboy we stood outside of society, living by our own self-determined rules and not conforming to the norms of the social order. As a bboy you never bowed down or faked out. If you did, you’d be label a sucka and that’s equivalent to being called a snitch in today’s world. My interpretation of it is- you made yourself. You didn’t ask for it, you took it. You represented with pure style and skill in all things that you doing and then you struck ya name up to let everybody know it was you (and how ill you are). For all those that stayed true..HAPPY HIP HOP DAY. For those that don’t much about the origins of hip hop outside of the music industry..get up on it I left a jewel below.

Coke La Rock Hip Hop’s 1st Emcee