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Keeping it real in the battle field.

We stayed true to the rules of hip hop and because of that we don’t cover mumble rappers and trap artists that perpetuate coon stereotypes. Right now the young rappers all share the same persona and identity. The only thing unique is their name, but their name represents self hate. The mainstream has our young boys aspiring to be anything but a man. The mainstream musical paradigm is perpetual boyhood, feminism and blind consumerism to European luxury brands. The backstory of these artists are lame as they ALL talk of coming from the trap because that’s the formula of success in mainstream hip hop. We draw a difference between underground hip hop and mainstream because mainstream affects the mass consciousness of people worldwide via the mass media machine (mk ultra).

The prerequisite for being an emcee is NOT drug dealing. The qualifier on the streets is not how many bodies you got, but how good your bars are. The youth are a reflection of the elders. It was the older brothas telling the young ones how to be, both verbally and non-verbally. The older cats dropped the ball because they were so desperate to get on with the labels that they sacrificed the future of hip hop for that right now (coonery) money back then (1990’s). Most of the rappers from the 90’s have to admit that they helped perpetuate the bullshit for the youth to see and now that the chicken has come home to roost, older heads don’t like what’s going on in the mainstream. Majority of your 90’s artists was sell-outs back then and they made the industry what it is by participating in the bullshit.

The artists of the 90’s was on so much bullshit that they scared them white folks at the record companies. They never had people fighting and shooting the studio up like the wild wild west. Street shit has no place in a world of contracts and accounting. The big companies rolled up and bought out the smaller labels and then decided what was gonna make money and stick with that. At that time, all the rappers followed suite and become thug rappers, drug dealers turned rapper, and not for the sake of hip hop but for the sake of bragging how gully (good and ugly) they was. In a virtual way, through many rappers, we’ve been listening to the same (perpetual) person talk about the same things for over 10yrs.

To be continued…

Wise Intelligent dropped science on’em…