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Underground Masters Magazine Premieres September 2016

We are excited to announce the release of our magazine in September 2016.   It’s been a long journey to get the magazine off the ground and now finally we have perfected our technology and it’s ready for the world.

UGM Magazine is a music and lifestyle publication that examines Hip Hop culture in 2016. We represent  the old school golden era and the new age of Hip Hop culture, sharing classic tales about old school Hip Hop artists who did legendary things to further the culture as well as the new age artists who cater to millennials but still identify and keep it true to the old school.

Features of the magazine:

Augmented Reality mobile app that brings the pages of the magazine alive.  It superimposes video, audio, 3d and 2d animations in real world scenarios. Similar but NOT THE SAME as Pokeman Go, we utilize augmented reality in a hip hop way that only real b-boys know how.